• If the shoe fits...

The future belongs to the generalists, not the specialists? Just in case- we're both.

We exist to make you look great.

We want people to start clapping when you walk into the room. You did it. We helped, but you get all the applause.

But let's face it: you don't paint your whole house without testing a sample first.

So here's how it goes:

1. Call us and tell us about you. We'll find a project to test out that works great for both of us - and one you can put to a trial-by-fire and see measured results from. We work together allowing you to get a great feel for what life with RayCollective is like.

2. In the unlikely event that it's a smashing failure, you send us an email that says: Bad first date. Good luck in the future. We part ways friends.

3. If success is at hand, you already know the rest of the story. People start clapping when you walk in the room...

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Let's get growing:

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